Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a long two days!

Two...count em...two marathon shopping trips in two days! The kids both needed to be outfitted for spring sports and various sundries I won't mention. Anyone else have to shop for size 15 shoes? I don't reccommend it. Grrr. We found the only pair in South Bend after 3 hours. Finished our night  tonight with a movie "Nomeo & Juliet", cute, good music, and a few laughs. Not quite up to "Despicable Me",  my current favorite.

I am not leaving the house for the next 36 hours at least! In case anyone is missing the snow, here is a pic of our yard after the big "Blizzad of '11", now it's all gone. Not to fret! We are supposed to get more snow tonight! Sorry I made that dentist appointment for Monday. Scrapping here I come!

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Adele said...

Wow! I miss all the snow in MI. UT gets most of its snow up in the mountains.