Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silly Little Mystery Bird

This past Spring as I worked around the yard, I kept hearing strange sounds. sometimes the mewing of a kitten and sometimes the melodious song of a bird.  I  spent a good amount of time wandering around the yard looking for the lost kitten, only to come up empty. One day I caught a glimpse of a nondescript little bird flitting around in the underbrush.  Try as I might I couldn't keep her in sight for more than a few seconds.

After a couple weeks of trying to get a better look, I gave up. Then one afternoon there she was! I ran in to get my camera for a better look. When I returned she was sitting in the same spot as if to say "You can take my picture now". Like she had decided I was harmless.

For several weeks thereafter, she would seem to stop and pose for me! I spent quite a while trying to identify her and finally decided she was a Catbird. Silly me, now I know where the little lost kitten went :) I watched her busily gather insects and return each time to the corner by the bittersweet vine. Probably the home to her nestlings. I never did figure out where her nest was hidden.

Once again inspired by a sketch from Sketch Support.

Basic Grey paper and stickers, American Craft letter stickers (no really), KI Memories puffies, Jillibean Soup journaling spots, K&Co. brad.

Used a Fiskars heart punch and EK Success scallop punch to make this flower.

Martha Stewart border punch.

Sorry I cut off the journaling. TFL!

Home on a low census day and hoping to get some scrapping done. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Surprise!

As I was checking out the new posts on the blogs I follow, I found my layout "Music Man" had been highlighted on the Imaginisce blog . Thank you Cari Locken for noticing my layout on Two Peas in a Bucket!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Guilty of Football Neglect

 I was busy pouting because we didn't win last week :( Although U of M and Detroit did :) I was pleasantly surprised that my photos were better than previously thought. I was sick with a cold and couldn't breathe through my nose (sniffing & photography don't usually mix). The sun was in our faces for the first half and it was dusk in the second.

Of course I have to lead with one of Matthew. His opponent looks like he's thinking "This is gonna hurt!"

Go Andy!

Drag him down Bert.

Protect your quarterback please!

Aaron is back (pun intended) we missed him :)

Make a Blue Devil sandwich.

Go Miguel...

Try the other direction!

You might wanna watch out for that fist.

Get him Bisnett!

Toss concentration.

Hoping for a better outcome this Thursday against Decatur. Go Indians!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Museum Of Science And Industry

Sometimes I just have a hard time scrapping certain events! Take this trip to the museum in 2009 for example...Bad lighting, poor quality pictures = lack of mojo.  Sketch Support is my go to sketch site when I'm having this problem! Allison Davis always has fantastic sketches to spark my mojo and get the job done. After I printed these pics I decided they weren't so bad after all. The smaller size tends to mask imperfections.

Be back later next year :)

I'm in love with this Basic Grey "Sweet Threads" paper!

I didn't have an "O" left in my stash, so I created one out of a "D".

I substituted a 3"x6" photo for 2- 3"x3" photos on the right page because they were sitting too far apart to crop.

Used the backs from the foam squares for the sub windows! recycling :)

Vintage buttons.

Used my Cricut to cut the submarine & jet with the "Stand and Salute" cartridge and the rooster with "From My Kitchen". An acrylic stamp by Glitz was used to create the background for the embellishment clusters.

The public library hosted the bus trip to see the Harry Potter exhibit, but we had plenty of time to check out the other exhibits because the tickets were time sensitive. It was well worth the wait! I was just as geeked as the kids to see Hagrid's giant chair, the Acromantula, and other props. We were amazed at how small Harry's clothes were next to Ron & Hermione's :) The only disappointing thing was that they didn't allow photographs :(

Check another layout off the "To Do" list! Hope you had a good weekend! I'm finally getting over the cold my lovely germ ridden children gave me last week. Had to explain to my patients all weekend that I was no longer contagious, just sounded (insert sniffle & cough) like I was ;}

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music Man

I regret discouraging Matthew from joining band in middle school. It just seemed that it would create a conflict with sporting activities and he didn't seem very committed. So when he picked up his guitar last spring and announced he was going to teach himself to play, I was sceptical. At the end of the school year he asked the band director if he could join the jazz band and he said "Yes"! Shocked was my first emotion and then worry, was he going to embarrass himself?!

He faithfully (and much to my husband's dismay) practiced. Who knew that you could teach yourself on You Tube? The computer is centrally located for a reason, right out in the middle of the house where there is no privacy, or way to control the sound. The acoustic wasn't so bad, but when he purchased the electric guitar...

I actually love hearing him play, my hubby, not so much :( He is very sensitive to noise and our bedroom is right next to the computer. His range and accuracy are improving. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, are some of his favorites. Mariel has even jumped on the wagon and wants to purchase a bass to learn to play in addition to her flute.

School started 3 weeks ago and he was really nervous! He wouldn't admit it, but he was scared he wouldn't be able to keep up. The first week was a little tough. Thank goodness Mr. Murphy is so easy going. Playing the tabs wasn't enough because they didn't always have the piece in tabs, so he is learning to read music. So proud of my boy!

Inspired by an Imaginisce blog sketch, couldn't post it because I didn't use 75% of their product :( I always regret not buying the embellies but they are just so expensive and I love paper so much more :)

I actually ran to the one scrapbook store 30 minutes away to find a guitar embellishment! These are from a Jolee's Boutique pack.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm trying to document the everyday moments as they happen so I can look back and remember the details. After all...I've been pregnant twice and the memory is sadly depleted. I think it's called "Pregnesia" as one of my peeps on the CK message board put it. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hail to the Victors!

No one plays that fight song better than the University of Michigan band and I think I heard it 50 times last Saturday :) Matthew and I had a great time at the game. It was my 1st time at the "Big House". I was so busy looking around that I didn't see much of the game :P We walked about 8 blocks to the stadium (who wants to pay for parking?). It was a beautiful day and there were lots of neat houses to look at, one even had chickens!

They didn't allow cameras with detachable lenses into the stadium, I'm glad I brought my old Panasonic Lumix point & shoot instead. I think it took some pretty good pictures!

It was overcast when we first arrived.

Nabbed a security guard for a quick pic :)

We arrived about 11/2 hours early, I was afraid we'd get lost.

The big sign was awesome!

God Bless America!

110,000...nearly a full house.

I love to torture my son *insert evil Mom laugh*

See...I did see some of the game :)

The band, they rocked the house.

Hail to the Victors!!! A miracle considering their defense stinks :(

and finally...the celebration. A good time was had by all.

We finished our day together with dinner at a Chinese restaurant, a trip to Guitar Center for him and Micheals for me. A perfect day :)

I promise something scrappy tomorrow and no more football until at least Thursday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drooly Monster!

I have to admit it... I was looking for a way to use this adorable alien/monster. I should be ashamed. Not! The bright orange & green seat was my hubby's and his brothers & sister's before him. Very 70's.

Sorry...received  "happy mail" today  :)

Heidi Grace Co. made the letter stickers used for "drooly", they come white and you can color them any color you like. Love them!!! Still using bits of Fancy Pants felt, lately on nearly every layout :) They went perfectly with the Basic Grey "Woolies".

The shadow feature was really thick, so I offset a 2nd cut and created a shadow. A little chalk and some googly eyes finished him off. Popped the belly & head. Pop dots & foam squares, I should have thought of these little treasures. I'd be making a fortune off me!


 The straight pins had white tops and I really wanted blue, a little alcohol ink solved the problem!

Had a blast at the University of Michigan game on Saturday. Wowza, is that one big stadium! So much fun to watch the crowd, cheerleaders, dance team, and band...I almost forgot to watch the football game :)) Matthew has been to a couple of U of M games before and was amused by my awe and excitement. Took lots of pics with my old point & shoot. They won't let you take in cameras with detachable lenses, I'm glad I decided to leave mine at home. Matthew wouldn't have liked the 8 block walk back to put it in the car! Saw a couple of people that were able to slip past and was envious of the great pics they were probably taking. I wouldn't want to take the chance of getting my camera confiscated.

 A post with pics coming soon :)  Have a great week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Are You Ready for Some more Football?

Yes, yet another football post :) Hoping to get an actual scrapping post in later this weekend. It's gonna be a busy one!

Wednesday, one of my patient's husbands showed up at the desk in his state trooper uniform looking very official and asked for me. I was in a patient room when I got a message that there was a poiliceman at the desk for me! Heartstopping to say the least. He was there to thank me and hand me University of Michigan football tickets for this weekend!!! I'm going to the "Big House", a dream of mine :}} My first collage football game. My hubby didn't want to go sit on bleachers in a packed to capacity stadium, listening to a deafening roar for 3 hours, so I'm taking Matthew. Eric prefers to watch the game in bed, with snacks and the dog...really?

Anyway...I have picks of my own darn good football player and team to share. Our JV team is on a roll with thier 4th win of the season. Undefeated! I'm having so much fun taking pics and the other parents are enjoying my efforts too, as I'm posting some of the best of the lot every week on Facebook. Here are some of the highlights.

Float like a butterfly...

Sting like a bee!

The stance.

In the air!

Let go of my shirt!

Outta my way!

Quarterback keeper.

Perfect toss.

Quarterback sneak.

If I can't go through them, I'll just go around them!
And finally...

Took this touchdown through the chainlink fence on my way back from the concession stand :}

Thanks for checking out my photos! My boy is #77 if you haven't figured it out :) Have a great weekend, I know I will ;}} If you watch the game on TV, look for the lady in maize & blue with the ear to ear grin on her face!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Was that a game between U of M & Notre Dame or what!? Ignore the fact that Michigan's defense sucks... that last minute was a cliffhanger :)

The football I'm really excited about is the Hartford JV team. They are 3-0 for the 1st time in 8 years. Now that's a long time. Matthew is improving every game and becoming a force to be reckoned with. They aren't just double teaming him, they are triple & quadruple teaming him! This game there were so many red shirts on him it was hard to get a picture :(

I mean many does it take?

A nice pass.

One of the many runs for a touchdown.

Keep your eyes on the ball # 77

Way to hold 'em!

We are the Indians...

The mighty, mighty Indians!

Can you tell I'm a proud Mama? I really don't like seeing all the bumps & bruises, but I'm sure he is giving a few of his own;} After one play near the end of the 4th quarter, Matthew apparently was ticked at one of their players... he literally ran to the line, jumped up in the air about 2 feet and went right down into his stance. When their quarterback said "HUT", Matthew blasted through that line and flattened the guy! Bet he'll think twice about dogging my Bubba again *insert evil laugh*. 

Well enough of the bloodthirsty Mom. Time for bed, busy day at work tomorrow. Hope you all have a happy Monday!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Strength and Beauty

There are a myriad of words to describe her right now.  Evolving, growing, changing, are just a few. Her sense of humor is wry & delightful. She is so compassionate, talking to the new kids and inviting them to sit with her at lunch. Experimenting with fashion, she is developing her own style and becoming a trend setter. She reads voraciously, going through books like water! Pop & old rock are some of her favorites but she shuns the latest teen stars like Justin Bieber and  Demi Lovato, prefering the Beatles and Cage the Elephant. Lovin' this girl so much!

Strong and beautiful are just a couple of these words. Photos are from one of her soccer practices this summer. It was so hot and humid that day. She just kept working, even when some of the others were dragging and whining.

The strip of paper at the top looks a little off but it is just the angle, the photographer was experiencing difficulties :) The pattterned paper, banner, leaves and cursive letter stickers are Basic Grey.

"Strength" was stamped with a Technique Tuesday acrylic stamp set, cut out and "Beauty" layered on top.

The tendrils are those metal swirly thingys from Making memories, I think they were meant to function as paper clips. Bling & flowers from Prima. Inspired by a Sketchy Thursdays sketch. I used also used this sketch for my "Fancy Footwork" layout .

Still busy in baby land! It's going to exceptionally so until mid October. Starting the big move on Monday. Our unit is going to be remodeled and we have to move the post partum unit up one floor, yikes! Labor & delivery will stay below. It's going to make for some interesting times. Happy weekend!