Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wow! That's All I Can Say

 I took my daughter to a nearby arts district for some photos this past Sunday. We had just come from a Miss Hartford Teen meeting and Mimi said "I'm all dressed up with no place to go!" When we got home, I tweaked the photos a little and posted them on Facebook. Not really thinking much about it, I post photos all the time...and my page BLEW UP!

 Now I think my daughter is beautiful, but all mother's do. I'm happy everyone loved them but in retrospect I'm wondering if I shouldn't have posted them. Not for the reason you are probably thinking but because I didn't think about possible backlash at school. There are "mean girls" at every school and ours is no exception.

 So far she hasn't mentioned any rebound effects and I hope it stays that way!  One of her teachers asked her if she minded that I post photos of her and she replied " I'm used to it", my Mom's a scrapbooker! Here are the photos in question.

 I love photos when they aren't cheesing it :)

I told her her hair was getting flat and to fluff it up!

She curled her hair and did her own makeup.

Isn't that dress adorable?! A TJ Maxx find.

This is her Mom look, the one she gives to me when she thinks I'm being silly.

 Well...We are definitely going to have to lock her in her room and feed her through the keyhole (as my Dad used to say) or invest in a baseball bat.

 On another note. Unfortunately my Dad has to have surgery yet again to build a new fistula for dialysis. His old one is no longer working properly and he isn't being dialyized enough. We could use some prayers, this is 5th or 6th surgery this year and they are tough on him. Thanks for taking time to read to the end! I really appreciate you all :)


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Beautiful photos! Of course it doesn't hurt when the subject is as beautiful as you daughter! And that dress is adorable!

Sending positive thoughts for your Dad your way!!! It sounds like another tough one but he sounds like a real fighter ;)

Ashley Horton said...

She is such a gorgeous girl, Beth!! I definitely say Dad needs to invest in a large Baseball bat and keep it by the front door!! :) And I hope everything goes well, with your Dad's next surgery.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter (and her dress) are just beautiful! Prayers for your Dad that all goes well!!

BabyBokChoy said...

She's a beauty!