Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Is My Life

For the last 5 days :) Dance, baseball, soccer, track & repeat!

 Taking pics through the chain link is a challenge!

Finally a nice day for a soccer game! Mimi & Olivia, ready to go.

And here is one of Matthew, "happily" throwing the shot put!

Throw in a visit to the doctor for a very painful leg (my own) and there is, sadly, no time left to scrap. I hate to admit it but age is catching up to me, at least in the vein department. The varicosities and spider veins in my right leg are really hurting! Here come support hose. Picture stuffing a sausage...that is me trying to get into those things! The thigh highs were a joke. Apparently the person designing them didn't have chubby thighs to contend with. My husband had a good laugh at my expense, threatening to film it for America's Funniest Videos... but he decided he wants to live a few more years!

Thanks for visiting, hoping to have time to scrap in the near future!

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DanaMK said...

I'm sorry that you're having problems with your legs. My mom was a hairdresser and got varicose veins because of being on her feet all the time. And now she's dealing with foot and knee problems. So, take care of yourself now!