Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Emoticon Cookies

Finished this layout last weekend between the germ fest here at my house :0

Just saying the word "Emoticon" sounds weird to me :)  Mariel was trying to come up with a new frosting idea for my famous sugar cookies (yes, they are famous right here in Hartford MI and Saint Joseph MI too!). Instead of our traditional treatment, she suggested smiley faces and that reminded me of the cute little emoticon stickers I'd picked up and tucked away in my stash.

My lovely SIL called me from Traverse City last week to share her good fortune. She found a boatload of Cricut cartridges at Menard's for $14.99 ea. She snagged Ashlyn's Alphabet and  Graphically Speaking for me! As I leafed through the booklet I knew I wanted to use this frame on a layout.

Be back next fall :)

The colors of her t-shirt dictated the color scheme of grey, pink, and yellow. Not an easy combo, I might add.

The Emoticons were too small by themselves. Remedied by layering circles and popping up.

It didn't feel girly enough...added a sprinkle of sequins :)

Is a layout complete without some Thickers?

Doesn't this little flower make you want to smile? Come on, admit it :P

Consider yourselves lucky that I am keeping my fiery red throat and hacking cough away from all, friends & patients alike.  Hope you've avoided the plague so far!


Rhonda V. said...

Totally loving the grey and yellow with pink here! Sure doesn't look like this was a tricky color combo at all!

Hoping your home is soon healthy again too!!!

Thanks so much for popping on over to visit at my blog today!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

This is too cute! I love the colors you picked .. they work perfectly! And I am so jealous ... cricut carts for $14.95!!! I'm luck if I can find them under $30.

Hope you feel better soon!

okanogangirl said...

LOVE this page!!! Awesome modern/current/relevant take on technology and life!

Linda said...

What a fabulous and fun page! Love the colors!

Stacia said...

OMGosh this is too cute! I love the happy little flowers and the color selection is awesome!