Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Gonna Tell Daddy!

That is what Matthew said to me when I was punishing him for one of many infractions, I'm sure. Can't remember all the details but when I came across this photo it jogged my pitiful memory. I love how the light is catching him in the face. I was at a crop a couple of Saturdays ago and said I wanted to get more than one layout done in 12 hours (sadly that is all I get done most of the time). So simplicity was a must.

Did you know there is a website that you can look up all the Cricut cartridge images on? Me either. It's called http://www.mycutsearch.com/ . One of the gals at the crop had a gypsy and was able to look up which cartridges had an umbrella on them. Quite a few, surprisingly enough. This one (umbrella) on the Paisley cartridge was perfect!

I modified it just a little by cutting two of the umbrella tops and then cutting one to make it have two patterns. Clear as mud, right. The original just had score lines on it. Traced a light line and then cut out on the lines to recreate the curve. Love that the shadow has a cute scalloped edge.

The raindrops are from the "A Child's Year" cartridge.

I could seriously have this Bazzill Dotted Swiss in every color, I love it so much :)
Nikki Sivils patterned paper and stickers.

Where has the time gone? He is 15 now!

A little update on the chronically sick. Bladder infection and Mono test, that's all I'm gonna say.
I'll try to be a better blogger next month. Plenty of posts to come since I have a backlog of layouts to post :)
Have a great week!

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BabyBokChoy said...

Thanks for the tip about searching for cricut images. someone pointed one out to me of course I didn't bookmark it, so nice to have found it again :) Love your huge umbrella and I have that cartridge :) Such a cute layout and WHAT a cute story :)