Sunday, October 30, 2011

Medusa and the Country Gal

Since my daughter developed her own mind and personality, and is no longer led by her Mother's taste in costumy cuteness, she has come up with some great ideas on her own :) Last year she was a "fuzzy dice" (or die).

She conceptualize and I helped make it happen.

This year we got a really late start due to illness (specifically mine) and only had a week to get it together! I had one day to sew and one day to find what we needed and put it all together.

Any guesses?

Does this help?

She is don't look her in the eye!

Such a beautiful Medusa!

She doesn't look quite as evil as we would have liked, maybe some black lipstick would help.
Bigger more flexible snakes would have helped but there were none to be found. These were in the party favor section at the party store. You would think that you could find them anywhere at Halloween. Not!

Here she is with Olivia (the farm girl) before going to a costume party.

I have to work on Halloween, hoping to find someone to do her hair for her before trick or treating.
Hope you have a hauntingly happy, treat filled Halloween!


BabyBokChoy said...

These photos are so amazing!! I hope you had a great Halloween and GOT a LOT of CANDIES, lol.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

What a great costume! ANd I love her hair! And ... she is beautiful too! Better tell the hubby to be ready to beat the boys away :)