Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Boyz

You can't see my husband in this picture but I can clearly remember the expression on his face...pure joy. Before his accident he could play with abandon and not worry about the after effects. That is why I treasure these photos so much. Matthew has a cast on his arm in this photo, the result of a fall from my arms to the carport floor. You gasp...I know, I felt terrible. Those of you who have  strong willed boys may empathize with this. He threw himself backwards out of my arms because he wanted to see the dog in her kennel behind him. She barked and he literally flung himself out of my arms! Many tears ensued, his and mine. Thankfully my pediatrician knows I'm not a child abuser (although the x-ray technicians gave me some nasty looks) and could understand my hysterical blubbering over the phone :) I can smile about this now, back then...not so much.

Love how this title turned out. Used the "Boys Will Be Boys" Cricut cartridge, "Herringbone" Cuttlebug embossing folder, and some foam adhesive to create it.

I'm getting into this rosette making craze :) There are so many options and you can customize them!

Popped up the little red "dots" with foam also. Scrounged the star buttons from my stash, I think they are from my "BK" days (before kids). Finally dug into my "Game On" stash of paper from Little Yellow Bicycle. Love it so much I'm having trouble parting with it :)

So busy right now. Concerts, shopping, baking, and wrapping, Oh My! Found time to check my email and found a forward from my FIL, a video of Carrie Underwood singing "How Great Thou Art", reminding me of the true meaning of Christmas and bringing me to tears. I highly recommend having a Kleenex in one hand.


Steffanie said...

Interesting that you call them rosettes---I call them pleated flowers! Cute layout! Love how the title turned out! I totally empathize with you about boys---more close calls than I care to remember!
BTW-love the look of your blog header :-)

okanogangirl said...

I love the way you did the rosettes and that they fit perfectly onto the boy page! PERFECT!!!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Such a darling page and I love those little rosettes!!! I think about getting into that "craze" but then I get way too lazy! :) Yours look so cute!!!