Friday, December 30, 2011

We All Fall Down

Some of us more than others. Goober that I am. I spent the evening scrambling to get this layout finished for the Little Yellow Bicycle Fall/ Winter challenge. Emphasis on the Fall and Winter. I saw the sketch and the word "challenge" and ran off to see if I could get a layout done in time. Should have read the original blog post...because it says to use any of the their Fall and Winter lines. I used "Elizabeth Park", a Spring line from long ago. The pictures I wanted to scrap needed a springy theme, Voila!

We try to have a little Summer "get together" every year. The kids invite their friends and parents over to visit. It's a good excuse to sit around and snack on chips & salsa and S'mores. The girls love to play on the swings, dance and build pyramids. This year they were one short for the perfect pyramid, so Lerita volunteered. Hilarity ensued :)

Had to take this photo at night and then Photoshop the crud out of it :) Colors are a tad off, I'll have to hope for some sun tomorrow and do a retake. I have several layouts that need the same treatment. This is the  downside of living in Michigan and being cursed. Well, maybe cursed is a little strong but my as my Dad has pointed is always sunny on my days to work and cloudy, rainy, or gloomy when I'm off. Go figure. 

I see a lot of people are doing year in review type posts. I'm way too lazy for that! Takes too long to think that hard :P  Thank you for finding my blog and becoming a follower, look for more exciting things ( giveaways and such) in the coming year. Hope you have a Happy New Year!


Ashley Horton said...

That is funny Beth, but I think you did an awesome job with these papers!! :) I do love the way they look with your photos!

BabyBokChoy said...

I quite adore the pyramid invoking way you set up the photos!!! Wonderful layout!! Happy new year!!

Kristin Kottwitz said...

Such a cute layout! Love your different pattern papers.

Glad I found your blog! t

DanaMK said...

I always love your layouts! This is so fun and happy!

Steffanie said...

These are some really fun photos! Cute layout, too!