Friday, December 16, 2011

School's Out!

The two beasts were so wound up last night, we could hardly get them to bed! Today is the start of Winter Break and they apparently thought "What's one more day?". They are dragging tail today :)

 Matthew's first jazz band concert was Wednesday. He was in panic mode. Having never been a band member prior to this year was definitely a disadvantage. He wanted to back out, "Mom I'm gonna mess up!" but our mantra here is "Never be a quitter", and off he went. Turns out he did mess up a bit, but it wasn't noticeable. Due in part to the fact that he was hiding behind the piano and that the horn section drowned him out. Only a couple of really bad photos for this Mom to scrap, I'll have to make do ;)

Like how he has his back to the audience during pre show warm ups.

Here is my one photo of him during the actual concert, see his head behind the piano to the left.

Much better success at Mimi's band concert on Thursday. She was front and center, just a little hidden at times behind the band director's podium.

Later she said "Mom, they weren't paying attention to Mr. Murphy" in response to this picture.

It's amazing how much they've improved in a year. Especially after hearing the 6th grade play :)

I LOVE this picture! This expression is in reaction to the band director's face when he saw her reindeer antlers.
Mimi reminds me of the elf that wanted to be a dentist from the classic "Rudolph the red Nosed reindeer".

A sea of Santa hats and one reindeer :}  I have the feeling she's going to be a little bit of a rebel, in a good way. She is talking about possibly becoming a vegetarian. Loves the Beatles and the Gorillaz. Reads voraciously, I could go on & on but I don't want to run you off.

Time to pick up Matt from wrestling practice. I'll be MIA this weekend. Have to help some very tired pregnant ladies be happy for Christmas! Hope to see you Monday.

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BabyBokChoy said...

I think you have some LOVELY photos to scrap!! I am quite impressed by the quality of these photos!!! INdoors and poor lightening are never good for photos, yours turned out nicely!!