Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aaaack! They Are Multiplying!

What are they doing in that scrap folder?! Can paper have babies? No matter how many cards I make, I never seem to get ahead! Rummaging through the scraps does have it's benefits, like rediscovering old favorites and finding pieces that go with lines I already have or have forgotten. Here are a couple made with an old K & Co. line.

Also used up some of my extra diecuts, bonus :) The desserts looked so pretty I had to make the card taller to fit all three. Liked the size so much I made the second one the same size.

Wish I'd picked up more of these Martha Stewart doily like diecuts.

On another note... Heaven help me...the computers are coming! We are finally moving ahead and converting to computer charting at work. It's been an interesting process to say the least. This ole dog is learning some new tricks but her arthritis is acting up! "Why do you have to click in four places to get here?", "Tell me again why it's necessary to flag that when it is already here?", oh and the ever popular " It will work like it's supposed to when we go live!". I know it will all be good in the end, it's just the beginning and middle that I'm worried about.

More cards to coming soon!


okanogangirl said...

oh, I'm sick today, can I have the bottom one ;)...Great job Beth! Very pretty

Steffanie said...

Could you be talking about EPIC? We have started our training and GO LIVE toward the end of April. Change is always frustrating but we do eventually adapt! Beautiful cards, Beth!