Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Week in Photos

Sorry scrappy followers...I just haven't been very motivated to scrap this week! Too much happening, some lovely (and not so lovely) days, and work all conspired against my mojo. I did spend a lot of quality time with friends...and didn't take one photo. What was I thinking?! I did spend some time in between snapping away.

I was so excited when Mimi told me she wanted to try shot put! I tried not to show too much excitement in case she decided it wasn't for her. She is a natural, and with some expert coaching (from Mom) could be really good :)  

It was the coldest day of Spring and we were all popsicles before the meet was through!

Mimi & Maddie trying to stay warm.

Managed to get a few photos of the gorgeous crabapple blossoms before they froze :(

Meet Lean Cuisine, he was the runt of the litter...

and Hungry Man, his brother and you guessed it...the biggest of the litter! They reside at my Dad's apartment and keep him entertained. I was over to give him a haircut and drop off dinner :)

My view as I walked away and they spied a bird :)

Mimi ran in to get me for this shot, she said "Look Mom, they are kissing!" I think it was more of a standoff...what do you think?

And my personal favorite (NOT) the inside of matthew's lip. He made sure to show me this several times a day, wether I wanted to see it or not! He apparently chewed his lip while still under the effects of the medicines for the wisdom teeth extraction.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back to posting scrappy related goodies later this week :)

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