Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Wrestling Season Again...

and that means lots of photos of my guy and others in those things they call "singlets". So if guys in the equivalent of leotards offends you, time to move on :)
He always looks so intense and nervous before a match. I know my stomach is in knots! The idiom "The bigger they are the harder they fall" is true. Last years wrestling season is still fresh in my mind. He was so inexperienced and it showed. This year I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge improvement. He didn't win either match but he sure gave those guys a run for their money!

I think these guys from Constantine thought they were going to just walk on the mat and be done, but Matthew had other plans. The first guy he wrestled was ranked in state last year. I only have this one pic of the first match because I was so excited all the others are too blurry from my shaking hands!

Matt put up a great fight and was in control for the first part of the match. His downfall is learning how to get out of a hold when on his back.

The second match. Remember he is a BIG kid and he makes everyone else look tiny...

Little can be deceptive. This dude had thighs the size of New Jersey!

I'm learning some of the strategies slowly. grabbing around the head and pulling down is a good move :)

A little coaching between periods.

Got him down and getting him maneuvered into a good hold.

Showing he's in control...

but all it takes is one wrong move and the tables are turned :(

It's going to be a long season for this Mom. My stomach ties itself in knots before every match. He had a tournament this weekend with 3 matches. 1 win and 2 losses but learning from his mistakes. I also committed the cardinal sin of the photographer...I forgot my SD card at home and don't carry a spare :O Guess I'm learning from my mistakes too :)

Scrappy goodness coming next week.

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csewy-csescrap13 said...

Great wrestling photos! I had to laugh when I read that you get nervous....I will admit to doing the same when DDs' participated in high school sports, taking photos during their events helped. But, I didn't ever forget my SD card.....only because I used a film camera back then! Good luck to Matthew this season!