Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do You Wanna Borrow a Cup of Electricity?

REALLY DAD! The above was was the voice message my comedian of a father left me yesterday. We finally had our electric back at 8pm last night. My husband's humor was even ghastlier! He put a sign up in front of the house that read "Please hook us up, we stink at being Amish!". Appalling!!! He gave up on the sign and went down the street to some workers and asked them if they would hook us up. He & the kids must have looked pitiful because they "hooked"us up (pun intended) even though we weren't on their roster. Bless you electricity guys!!! I came home to a hot shower and air conditioning, yippee!!!

Tonight is the BIG night...The Deathly Hallows Part II. We couldn't get the 12:01am tickets due to the power failure the last 2 days so we had to settle for the 12:20am. Am I insane or what? Home from a 12 hour shift and wondering how I'm going to stay up until 3 in the morning. It will be worth it though. I know I'm going to cry. We've been following Harry for 10 years now! Here are a couple of pics of my Harry Potter fans (Potterphiles as we like to be called) from past Halloweens and a book release.

Made these robes myself, wand pocket and all!

Mimi made a perfect Hermoine. Had to braid her hair in a hundred tiny braids to get that look!

Think of us driving home tonight with tear tracks and wistful smiles on our faces :)


Steffanie said...

Tired, yes. But what great memories you'll have! Should I have sent you some toothpicks?

csewy said...

Sounds like fun and great memories for the photos!!!