Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Storm Damage

A terrible storm came through our town while I was at work yesterday. My family slept through the brunt of it! By the time they realized it was happening it was almost over. My son woke to see the cat flying across the driveway (literally) and the trees bending to touch the ground! I called home when I heard there had been 80-90 mph winds, to make sure everyone was safe. My husband said there were a couple of trees down, he didn't want to upset me at work.

I can't describe the scene that met me. I started to cry when I turned the corner to my street and saw the beautiful tree on the high school lawn.

This is the pine in the middle of the driveway

and the tree in the middle of the front yard.

A Cedar in the middle of the driveway landed on my Dad's boat :(

The privacy fence is down and with it came half of my  prized Bottlebrush Buckeye :(

More of the already dead Maple came down and

another (100 year old) Cedar fell on my bird feeder garden, narrowly missing the hot tub and angel statue!

This is one of the Cedars in the front yard...this one took the power line down!

and finally... the Elm that landed on my neighbor's house.

I wandered around the yard crying for 30 minutes before I got my composure and thanked God for sparing the house and my family. It will take us a long time to get this mess cleaned up and for the flower beds to recover. I'll have a lot more sun in the yard now, much to my shade garden's dismay.

Most of the town has electricity now, we will probably be one of the last to get it because our line is disconnected. Luckily our neighbor let us hook an extension cord up so we can use the computer and watch some TV. They were in the process of remodeling this house to sell.

Back to work tomorrow. Life goes on!


Linda said...

Glad you and your family are safe.

csewy said...

Sorry to hear about the storm and the loss of your beloved plants and trees, I do understand the crying. It is hard to see the after effects of a such a storm. (((((Hugs))))) Glad to hear everyone was safe.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Oh my goodness Beth! I am glad to hear everyone is ok! It's terrible that your beautiful gardens took such a hit. Storms can be so harsh on them and it takes so long for them to come back (at least up here in Canada they do). Sending positive thoughts your way and hope life gets back to normal soon!

Steffanie said...

Oh, that stinks! But I'm so glad that you and your family are safe. Prayers and hugs to you!