Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Love My Hubby!

He went to a thrift store & picked up a sewing cabinet last week. It was from the late 60's and still had the machine and all the accessories with it. It was mostly wood but had some pretty ugly panels in the front. Eric worked his magic :) After removing the sewing machine, he made a plug for the opening and then painted it white. He removed the front panels and I covered new panels in fabric to match the armoire in my scraproom. A couple of spiffy knobs from Hobby Lobby finished it off perfectly! The pics are a little dark, due to the backlighting.

Isn't it pretty! The best thing is that it has shelves underneath to put my cartridges on.

Another added feature...

The top opens up for added space to put paper & things. The wheels make it portable so I can move it to the computer and hook it up! Now I just need to install the Design Studio I purchased :)

I don't tell him thank you enough...Thank you honey!


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

What a sweet hubby and a great idea for storing all the cricut carts!

Steffanie said...

What a beautiful re-purposing job he did! Major kudos to your DH!