Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Few More Cards to Share :)

The card making is starting to get a little easier :) Now that I've forced myself to make a dozen! It does feel very satisfying to use all those scraps! I used the color scheme & butterfly theme from my layout "Time Heals" for this one.

and the layout

 Lovin' those Micheals $1 spot felt butterflies!

Received a happy email :)
Here are a couple of Valentine cards...

Dug into my stash for this one. The patterned paper is actually the packaging!

Isn't that pie the cutest! Used the "From My Kitchen" cartridge for the Cricut.

What the heck was going on nine months ago (besides the obvious)!? It has been a busy week already. One short little vent coming, so plug your ears (or eyes in this instance). Why do women get mad when they are told they can't come in for an elective induction because we are too busy! Do they really think we are lying? Do they really think calling my supervisor is going to get them in any sooner or endear them to the staff? I don't know about you...but I'd rather have a nurse all to myself than have to share her with 3 other patients, especially when my baby's well being is at stake. There. All done. I feel better now.

Dad had another doctor's appointment today. Neurologist again. Very poor nerve conduction in both wrists. Next, consult with surgeon for possible carpal tunnel surgery. Hoping he can regain some feeling and mobility in his hands. Snuck in a couple of stops. Micheals...Soccer & football stickers, Jo Anns...Cricut blades & a new Artbin container for larger embellishments, and finally Hobby Lobby...Tim Holtz metal "gears" & My Minds Eye stickers. "Noodles" for lunch. YUM! Penne rosa with Parmesan crusted chicken, my taste buds were doing the Cha Cha!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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BabyBokChoy said...

It took me a while to figure out what an induction was, LOL!!! I guess I'm far removed enough from that world now? thankfully!

That pie is AWFULLY cute and I will have to use that cartridge and that cut, thanks for showing the way. Such pretty cards and layout, you've been on a roll cracking out projects left and right!! :)