Wednesday, August 31, 2011

* Picture Me Sitting on Couch with Glass of Wine in My Jammies *

No...this is not what you think it is! Get your mind out of the gutter ;) The phone rang last night and it was one of the gals from work saying " did you know you aren't on call tomorrow?".  Well all week long I've thought I was on call for 8 hours both Wed. & Thurs., it's even in my calender. Then she had the nerve to ask if I wanted to work...NOT!

Let me just say that it has been busy at work. No lunch, no time to pee, where am I going to put this patient, BUSY! Too many of them and not enough of us, busy. The thought of being called in 2 days in a row after working 2, off 2 and followed by working a 3 day holiday weekend, did not appeal. The lure of $$ did not even make me flinch when I said "no". Especially since I know I'll be there tomorrow and overtime over 8 hours the government eats up anyway :( make a long story short, I'm gonna revel in this unexpected day :) Laze around in my jammies, do some scrappin' and go to my son's football game tonight, and thank God for this gift!

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Reveal in it girl! By the sounds of it you deserve it!