Friday, June 22, 2012

My Scraproom Part 2

Earlier this week I gave a tour of my scraproom, aka: my happy place! This time I'm going to highlight some of my collections and how I've re purposed them into storage for my goodies :) Collecting has been in my blood since my husband and I got married. My very first collection was antique yellow ware bowls, they are currently displayed above my kitchen cabinets.

Over the years I've gone from collecting carnival glass and Franciscan Desert Rose dinnerware to pressed glass and milk glass. Currently I'm particularly enamored with pressed glass jars and I'm sure they won't be my last collection!

I'm going to start with the top of my scrap desk. It hosts part of my milk glass collection.

I love these little planters! They are perfect for small embellishments and photos.

Next are the vases...they make great pen and marker holders. The larger ones store misc. items like scissors.

Next is this great cupboard that was my husband's Grandfathers. It displays my glass jar collection and other odds and ends.

Each jar is filled with things like buttons, ribbon, die cuts, fibers and flowers.

I found this nifty desk organizer at TJ Maxx, it isn't an antique but it was so cute and makes a great spray ink holder!

Next is a compote made of pressed glass, it holds Maya Road mini albums and chipboard.

Finally :)  my re purposed sewing machine cabinet. A super find by my hubby at a resale store. It still had the original 70's sewing machine inside! It started and an ugly brown with plastic door inserts . My husband and I  transformed it with paint, then covered the doors with fabric and added knobs from Hobby Lobby.

It is now my portable Cricut cabinet. On top is my Expression and my cartridges are stored underneath. The best part is that the top opens out on either side to create a perfect work space!

Hopefully you are still awake after that photo fest :) Thanks for touring my scraproom! Hope you've been inspired to re purpose some of your collections.


csewy-csescrap13 said...

Thanks for Part 2 of your scrap your milk glass collection and the antiques in your room! DH and I have also collected a few items during our 40 yrs of marriage, such as our small coca cola collection and our colbalt (sp?) blue dishes! Love our antiques, some family pieces, and others that we have purchased! I really like the cricut storage and your scrap desk! Happy scrapping!

okanogangirl said...

Beth - I LOVE your glass collection! And how wonderful to combine the two hobbies :)

Thanks for sharing your space. I'd call that my happy place too :)

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

What a fun tour of your scraproom! I love the containers on your desk...looks so pretty!

Izzy Anderson said...

I love your use of milk glass and re-purposed items. You have a great space. :)

Sande said...

Your "happy" place is fantastic. I love that you re-purposed items from the house and loved ones. Like you I am a collector and love putting those things in my Creation Studio. Everything in it belonged to someone else and I cherish that. Love all the milk glass and pressed gives your room such a homey feel.

Like you my room is not finished, as I moved my room to 3 different places in my home and finally settled on the largest bedroom.

Thanks for sharing and can I borrow you husband? lol! I love the furniture that he has made you. Makes me wish my father were still alive and I could call and say "can you make me this" and he would.