Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cherish Too

Do you ever finish a layout that you thought was one of your best and then look back later and think "I wish I'd moved this or added that?" That is what happened with this layout. Something about the flowers was bugging me! Out came the UnDu (can't live without this stuff!) and up came the flowers. Shuffled them around and now I'm happy!

Here is the original

and now the improved

What do you think? I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism :)


Tina said...

You are just like me....I often sit a layout to the side for days an move stuff around. It drives me crazy...

Hmmm - which one do I like better?? That is tough...I like them both for different reasons...but I actually keep going back to the original one :)

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

LOL! I am an UNDO addict too! Just wish it smelt a little better ;)

To be honest it took a good second look for me to find the the difference. That means to me that they both looked awesome! I guess that means that we (the scrapper) are the only ones that notice these little things ;)

Linda said...

I too needed to really study this to see the difference. (Hey, you might be on to something -- Show two layouts and have readers find 5 differences. LOL!) Any way, the diference between the two is so subtle. Both are beautiful. I do prefer how the deep pink resin flower is nestled on the "inside" of the layout. And, yes, I agree that we scrappers agonize over things that others wouldn't notice!