Thursday, July 19, 2012


I just love going through all my photos of the kids when they were little. Such sweet little faces :) Matthew was 8 months in these photos and it was his 1st time in a swimming pool. Aunt Linda & Uncle Vere were (and still are) kind enough to let the Hallgren family use their pool. Daddy got to be the pool buddy since Mommy doesn't really like cold my book anything under 100 degrees is cold!

Used "Splash" from Echo Park. I knew I had some pictures in a box somewhere that would be perfect with this line :)

I've decided I really stink at faux stitching and need to stick to sewing! Anyone have any tricks up their sleeve?

This line came with a great sticker sheet. Popped some of the stickers and layered them.

Love the splash flourish! I actually tore it by accident and solved my blooper by tucking it under the photos and paper strips.

Googly eyes :)

Just looking at this layout makes me happy, with it's bright cheerful colors and silly fishes.

So excited!!! Tomorrow I'm leaving for a 3 day scrapbooking retreat :) Three glorious days of scrapping, eating, and socializing...not necessarily in that order. Off to try and pack my scraproom, how did I acquire so much stuff? I always say I'm not going to take so much but when I try to pack, my mind says "What if I need that?" and "What if I want to stamp and emboss!". My efforts to make kits always results in me changing my mind and wanting what I don't have.

I guess I'll have to endure those looks of disbelief as I drag in half my scraproom. The bonus to everyone else is that I share my tools and scraps... sometimes even embellies :}  Have a good weekend, I'll report back on Monday!


Linda said...

Great layout, Beth! Love the bright, cheery colors!

Andrea said...

adorable! Love the splash line! Love how you added the eyes to the fishies!

DanaMK said...

What an adorable LO! The colours are just so fun and I love all your embellies!

Have a fantastic time at your scrappy retreat! I just took some scrapping up to my inlaws and guess what I forgot? Cardstock!! How could I possibly have forgotten that?!?! Anyways, my point is...don't forget the obvious! ;)

okanogangirl said...

Adorable! I was going to say I just loved the interest created by putting the flourish ander and above the strip, so it was a happy mistake that looked like an intentional design touch!

Ashley Horton said...

This page is so fun with the EP papers, Beth!! I love this collection and you did an awesome job with it! I hope you have fun at your scrapbooking retreat!!

BabyBokChoy said...

A'ight, you should be back and rested now from your retreat, I expect to see lots of postings of your projects from the 3-day retreat!! :) Another wonderful 2-pager!!!