Friday, April 29, 2011

Soccer In Michigan

Is an adventure! It's been a trying spring. Cold & wet. Here is a pic of Mimi & her friend Kendall after a soccer game last week, check out the socks :)

Finally a ray of sunshine and temps over 50. The field is a spongy, muddy mess but we'll take what we can get!

Here is my favorite pic of the week :) Kendall, Olivia & Mimi after practice today. Goofy girls!

Sorry, no layouts till next week. I have to work all weekend and I forgot to take pics because I was distracted by the sunshine and plants waiting to be potted up. Isn't the color of this Forsythia pure sunshine?!

Thanks for stopping and have a great weekend!


The Kitch Family said...

The girls look like they had to bundle up in that first pic - wow! Brrr! I hope to see some of your awesome layouts again soon. :) DanaMK

Steff said...

I totally hear you about the spongy, muddy fields. We started baseball season and the infieds are muddy, the outfields spongy---and with baseball, they call games off if the fields aren't "playable". Well, what do you expect in Oregon?!?!