Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dumpster Diving...My New Occupation

Yes, I've been reduced to dumpster diving. Last week my lovely daughter unwittingly threw her brand new retainers away! The wonderful retainers that are clear so you can see how pretty her teeth are now. Into the school lunchroom trash they went and she didn't realize it until after she returned to her class. The trash had been bagged up and emptied into the dumpster.

I really didn't want to tell her Uncle Steve (who did all her orthodontics non gratis) that she'd thrown them away, and I figured this would be a good deterrent to doing it again, so off to the dumpster we went. Six giant trash bags later...covered in taco fixings and a multitude of other goodies (it happened to be "sampling" day), we gave up. It didn't help that the current high school gym class was hanging out of the windows yelling "trash pickers!" and the yellow jackets were chasing us around the dumpster.

So, mean Mommy that I am, I was going to make her pay at least half of the cost of her replacements. Daddy saved the day by putting it on our flex spending account. Why does he get to be the good guy!? Now I'm off for the 2nd time today to Kalamazoo, to pick them up. This morning was spent with my Dad at the vascular surgeon having the rest of his staples out and an ultrasound to check the flow in his fistula. Woe is me, pity party for myself going on here :( Missing my scrapping time.

Hoping to get a layout posted tonight if the computer is cooperating...and that is another story :)


okanogangirl said...

oh my goodness Beth!!! I hope she learned her lesson!!! DH had to do that once too....he threw his cell phone away in his scrubs after our son was born by c-section. The hospital told him they wouldn't let him go through the trash (for obvious reasons being it was a hospital), but he did anyway. He went out w/ MILs phone and called his phone until he heard it ring. Praise God it was in the top of the top bag. He's never done that again LOL

Steffanie said...

Dumpster diving! WOW!!! You are a mean mom ;-)