Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Change or Not to Change?

That is the question! I've been trying to improve my computer and blogging skills but it's a toss up between "pass" or "fail"  :) So I ask you fellow bloggers for your constructive criticism and milk your brains for knowledge. "Like" or "dislike" the changes and "why?" are the questions.

Any suggestions on how to make a header appear would be helpful. The template is from Cutest Blog on the Block , they have a matching header but it doesn't have an HTML code to copy. So puzzling!

Please be honest :) I want a pleasant viewing experience for you all. 


Steffanie said...

Definitely like! I love the new colors and the font in your title. Much softer look. Well done!

okanogangirl said...

LOVE the background!!!!

Okay, now the header, I can't remember how I did it other than a lot of trial & error until I got something to work.

Actually, no, I know....e-mail me Beth and I'll give you a hand.


lovejoypaper (at) hughes (dot) net