Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finally Home!

Brought Dad home from the hospital today, Yay! Took way too long to get him discharged :( It's going to be a challenging week. No driving, no bathing for a week, and he can't lift his right arm more than 45 degrees! Unfortunately this is a 3 day (12 hour days) work week for me and I have ACLS review , plus on call time Faint Not sure how this is going to work but I'll give it the college try! Just glad he's OK. Thanks for all the prayers!

Promised the kids to watch a movie with them tonight since I've barely seen them in 4 days. I miss my scrapping too! I did get some scrap related work done, found this when I was editing some photos for a layout, cracks me up!
Thanks for stopping!

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Steff said...

Glad all went well for your dad and that he's home. Sounds like a busy week for you! Sending prayers!