Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls Road Trip

Good news from the heart & vascular doctors this week. Dad is healing well and can resume driving and almost all normal activity! Pacemaker & fistula are both working well. We celebrated with lunch at Red Robin :)

A while back I shared a mini album I'd made for a trip Mariel & I took. It didn't have any pics in it, I'd planned to add them later.'s later :}} Way later! I love the way it turned out. Did a little photo shoot in the front yard this afternoon and nearly froze my tush off!

Sorry for the long post, Haven't figured out a better way to add so many pages. Thanks for popping by!


DanaMK said...

So cute! Did you resize all the photos in PSE? That's one of the daunting things for me about minis - not being able to get as many pics in. Great job!

Steff said...

I don't mind the long post! I'm glad you shared all the pages. Very nice---I especially love the last photo of you and your DD. Sweetness!