Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Scrappin' and a Lotta Surfin'

Lately I just can't seem to leave the computer, it has me mesmerized! So much to see and learn on here but it eats up my day. Here is a layout I did a couple of days ago. A result of all that previously discussed editing :) There were so many good pics it was hard to choose!

Making the lines on the field was a little challenging but I like the results. First I measured off the lines, then I cut strips and put repositionable adhesive on them. Then I positioned them on the pencil marks and sprayed fixative on the exposed lines. The fixative makes the chalk stick really well. It can still be rubbed off but not as much as without it. Cut the numbers on the Cricut with the Base Camp font. I love good old traditional scrapbooking, the pictures are the focus!

Gotta get to bed. Work all weekend. Thanks for stopping!


DanaMK said...

Beth, this turned out great! I love it!!!

DanaMK said...

Oh, and Beth, I've passed on some bloggy love. Check out this post:

mweber said...

I am too one of your followers - you made me nervous!! Amazing LO by the way, tons of work but well worth it again! xo