Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Totally Unexpected.

Took my Dad for surgery today, he had his fistula (place where they place the needles for dialysis) revised. It is his 5th surgery on it so I was pretty relaxed. I thought it was kinda funny that his pulse was in the 40's so I mentioned it before he went in the OR, but they didn't seem concerned.

When they called me into recovery the nurse said he was having an irregular heartbeat with some other unusual changes that weren't good! They admitted him and are running a bunch of tests, including a chemical stress test and possibly a heart catheterization. :(  I'm hoping it was just related to the medicines they gave him during surgery.

I'll be back at the hospital with him tomorrow, please keep him in your prayers!

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Steff said...

Oh, Beth! Just when we start to relax.... I was talking to my dad just the other day and he was asking me about this "heaviness" in his chest he'd had... Ugh! Parents!!!