Friday, September 16, 2011

Are You Ready for Some more Football?

Yes, yet another football post :) Hoping to get an actual scrapping post in later this weekend. It's gonna be a busy one!

Wednesday, one of my patient's husbands showed up at the desk in his state trooper uniform looking very official and asked for me. I was in a patient room when I got a message that there was a poiliceman at the desk for me! Heartstopping to say the least. He was there to thank me and hand me University of Michigan football tickets for this weekend!!! I'm going to the "Big House", a dream of mine :}} My first collage football game. My hubby didn't want to go sit on bleachers in a packed to capacity stadium, listening to a deafening roar for 3 hours, so I'm taking Matthew. Eric prefers to watch the game in bed, with snacks and the dog...really?

Anyway...I have picks of my own darn good football player and team to share. Our JV team is on a roll with thier 4th win of the season. Undefeated! I'm having so much fun taking pics and the other parents are enjoying my efforts too, as I'm posting some of the best of the lot every week on Facebook. Here are some of the highlights.

Float like a butterfly...

Sting like a bee!

The stance.

In the air!

Let go of my shirt!

Outta my way!

Quarterback keeper.

Perfect toss.

Quarterback sneak.

If I can't go through them, I'll just go around them!
And finally...

Took this touchdown through the chainlink fence on my way back from the concession stand :}

Thanks for checking out my photos! My boy is #77 if you haven't figured it out :) Have a great weekend, I know I will ;}} If you watch the game on TV, look for the lady in maize & blue with the ear to ear grin on her face!