Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music Man

I regret discouraging Matthew from joining band in middle school. It just seemed that it would create a conflict with sporting activities and he didn't seem very committed. So when he picked up his guitar last spring and announced he was going to teach himself to play, I was sceptical. At the end of the school year he asked the band director if he could join the jazz band and he said "Yes"! Shocked was my first emotion and then worry, was he going to embarrass himself?!

He faithfully (and much to my husband's dismay) practiced. Who knew that you could teach yourself on You Tube? The computer is centrally located for a reason, right out in the middle of the house where there is no privacy, or way to control the sound. The acoustic wasn't so bad, but when he purchased the electric guitar...

I actually love hearing him play, my hubby, not so much :( He is very sensitive to noise and our bedroom is right next to the computer. His range and accuracy are improving. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, are some of his favorites. Mariel has even jumped on the wagon and wants to purchase a bass to learn to play in addition to her flute.

School started 3 weeks ago and he was really nervous! He wouldn't admit it, but he was scared he wouldn't be able to keep up. The first week was a little tough. Thank goodness Mr. Murphy is so easy going. Playing the tabs wasn't enough because they didn't always have the piece in tabs, so he is learning to read music. So proud of my boy!

Inspired by an Imaginisce blog sketch, couldn't post it because I didn't use 75% of their product :( I always regret not buying the embellies but they are just so expensive and I love paper so much more :)

I actually ran to the one scrapbook store 30 minutes away to find a guitar embellishment! These are from a Jolee's Boutique pack.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm trying to document the everyday moments as they happen so I can look back and remember the details. After all...I've been pregnant twice and the memory is sadly depleted. I think it's called "Pregnesia" as one of my peeps on the CK message board put it. Have a great day!


Linda said...

Love your layout and your son's dedication to music!

okanogangirl said...

Fabulous page!!! I don't buy all the matching embellishments either because they are so pricey, but sadly, I don't have the crazy good talent you have of creating your own paper elements!!!! LOVE this page though - and rockin' (not sure if there is a pun intended or not LOL) use of Jolee's.