Saturday, September 3, 2011

OMG! She Is Growing Up Too Fast!

When did it happen? They are days away from being official "teens". Bittersweet to see them blossom into such beautiful, poised, smart, young ladies.

I asked Emily if she would come over prior to our "back to school" shopping trip for a photo shoot with Mimi and she happily obliged ;) Had to take about 50 photos of them jumping to get one in unison!

Aren't they adorable in their cute skirts :)

I'm in love with Emma's freckles :}

So glad Aunt Jenny passed on those gorgeous green eyes!

Lerita says she is a spitting image of me at that age...I don't remember being that pretty ;)

Day one of the weekend down, 2 more to go. Please preggo ladies...don't take Labor Day literally!!!